Our Story

Sip and Smile is a culmination of 4 entrepreneurs who were already running their own successful small business. Each entrepreneur had a special talent of their own.

Kevin, was working at Boeing and managing his construction company while taking care of his beautiful baby girl. Kevin loves anything food and drinks related. He would be the first in line to taste the latest milk tea or trendy coffee. He was also the one that helped constructed the model of some of these popular cafes in Seattle.  Unfortunately, with COVID 19, he couldn’t keep up with his business while taking care of his baby girl and the layoffs that were simultaneously happening. He decided that during the COVID 19 he had to shut down his business to be able to care for his baby girl. During his time at home (while his daughter was napping) he was able to start making a blue print of his own mobile café. 

 Chef Kim is a skilled Asian fusion chef with the flare of using only fresh ingredients. Chef Kim started to make fresh smoked salmon cream cheese tea sandwiches that everyone couldn’t stop eating. She even created a special recipe of her own; Pearadise Savory Sandwich. She uses fresh milk bread, Asian sweet & crispy pears, and a local lemongrass & five spice Laos sausage. A fresh rarity of sweet and savory sandwich. This was when Kevin knew, Chef Kim has to share this delight with the world! Chef Kim is the master chef for anything Sip & Smile food related.

During week three of quarantine, Kevin would go grocery shopping and dropping off groceries for his mother-in-law, Cindy. She started to leave coffee out for him on the porch when he comes by with groceries. Kevin never had such delicious coffee. Then he tried her jasmine milk tea and black tea with salt cream. It was delicious! He knew, this was meant to be. He found his drink chef.

Cindy is an amazing women. She was a coffee connoisseur for over 30 years! Yes a grandma with the skills of making caffeinated drinks to help her love ones keep up with their little kids running around. She started off making coffee in Vietnam with an individual filter dispenser, hot water, and condensed milk. Everyone in her town knew of her and her coffee, she was famous for her coffee and smile. As COVID-19 started to have the mandatory quarantine, and she was unable to go anywhere due to her age and low immune system, she decided to explore her coffee talents once more. She realized fast how her coffee was special and she wanted to finally share this again for others to enjoy. Cindy and Kevin wanted to open a small shop to share their drinks to the world but wanted to do a soft launch to gather the community interest, but most importantly to remind others to keep smiling especially during this unpredictable time.

They reached out to T.Tran and asked if her and her company  could  help with the operations of their business idea, to make it into a reality. To create their dream and passion, Sip & Smile LLC.  A place where someone can enjoy a simple drink with that added small spark of special toppings of their choice that can create a smile for their day. A drink that isn’t too much in cost but have that boost of flavor, caffeine, and sweetness that everyone can Sip and Smile.

*** special shoutout to kirstie chan for her beautiful photos of our drinks and sammys. check her out at kirstiechan.com  or on instagram @kfclovesyou***